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The Line DC’s Spoken English is looking to “bring back the lost art of conversation in a fast-paced city” by leaving chairs out of the equation.

Ok, ok, a chairless restaurant might not sound very appealing. But hear me out. There are at least three reasons why you should go to Spoken English, even if dinning while standing isn’t up your alley.

First, there’s the no-chair, communal dining rule. Spoken English is a Tachinomia-style restaurant,  inspired by the layout and experience of Japanese standing bars known as “Tachinomi.” Traditionally meant for working-class men to grab a drink after work, Tachinomi have now become a popular dining alternative across the board. Standing bars offer their diners the chance to get up close and personal with their neighbors in a fun and relaxed setting. So, if you’re especially extroverted and love meeting new people, why not head on over to our very own Washingtonian Tachinomi? You might meet your next BFF bonding over some delicious chicken skin dumplings.

If the idea of communing with strangers is not entirely to your liking, you should still try local celeb Erik Bruner-Yang’s amazing cuisine regardless. The eatery serves a combination of bite-sized classic and street style Asian dishes, featuring a chicken yakitori that’s to die for. It also offers a wide selection of sake and beers and special seasonal menus.


And last but not least, Spoken English’s quirky decor and ambiance offer up major #gramgoals. From the strident wallpaper and the open kitchen show, passing by the kitschy lego chopstick holders and cartoony toothpicks to the scrumptiously colourful dishes, all these photo ops are a must in any Foodie’s instagram.

Pro Tip: There really is only two tables, so make sure to reserve ahead of time if you don’t want to miss out on this outstanding dining experience!


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Tue-Sat, 6 pm-12 am
Prices may vary

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