Give Target Practice Your Best Shot At This Axe-citing Bar In Ivy City • Kick Axe Throwing

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Give Target Practice Your Best Shot At This Axe-citing Bar In Ivy City • Kick Axe Throwing

Dust off your flannels and warm up those biceps Washingtonians! We may have found the most bad-axe bar in DC!

After its triumphant success in Philadelphia and New York City, Kickaxe Throwing opened its third location in Ivy City and we’re kinda loving it! This lumberjack heaven offers its visitors the opportunity to eat, drink and, while at it, hurl some axes around in a lodge-like setting.

If you’ve never been axe throwing, you need not fret. All hatchet hurling sessions at Kick Axe start with a 10-15 minute lesson with one of their “axeperts” who will teach you the basics and stay with you to help and keep score during your time in the range.

For those who are not as axe-cited by the prospect of chucking some axes around, the bar is also geared up with some good old board games for your entertainment.

Their cozy-cabin-like bar is perfect for lounging around, grabbing a bite and one of their specialty drinks to the sweet sound of axes flying by in the ranges. Flannels and awesomely long beards are not a requirement, but closed-toe shoes are a must.

The Kick Axe D.C. range has 12 lanes that accommodate up to 250 people and can be rented for small parties or special events. Sessions start at $29/pp for 1 hour and are best booked in advance – but you can always walk in and see if there are any ranges available. We also recommend keeping in mind their lateness policy and arriving 20 minutes ahead of your booking time since you won’t be allowed on the range if you arrive after it.


Kick Axe Throwing opened up alongside its sister brand, Throw Social, the Palms-Spring-Summer alternative to the wintery lodge featuring backyard games like iceless curling and football bowling.

Of course, both establishments have reopened with social distancing measures in place to ensure guests’ safety and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Practical information

Kickaxe Throwing is open Wed- Thu from 3:00 pm - 11:00 pm; 12:00 pm - 2:00 am Fri-Sat; Sun 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Prices may vary

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[Featured image: Facebook / Kick Axe Throwing ]

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