10 Best Burger Spots In DC

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10 Best Burger Spots In DC

Searching for a burger joint in DC? Look no further!

On our Instagram page, we asked our Washingtonian followers for their recommendations on the best burger places in DC, and they came through! We have compiled those answers in one article for an easy guide to the best burgers in the city. A fair warning, however, if you aren’t craving a burger now, by the end of this article you definitely will be.

1. Capital Burger

This place was one of the most recommended burger places from our followers. According to their website “we have elevated this iconic American experience […] as we created our signature beef blend, and a staff who brings The Capital Grille’s attention to every detail.” With their high-quality meat and wine, this place has a variety of menu items including six signature burgers all rich in toppings, sauce, and flavors. However, they have one particular burger that gave its name to this restaurant: The Capital Burger described as having a “French onion-style” with caramelized onions, Wisconsin Grand Cru gruyère. and shallot aioli.


2. Lucky Buns

Another highly recommended place to get a tasty burger is Lucky Buns. After looking over their menu it is obvious why this place is so popular. They only serve the iconic combination of burgers, sides, and drinks so there is no fuss about what to order. Serving 11 kinds of burgers with many toppings on each one, “you can always find a way to cure that burger craving.”


3. Duke’s Grocery

Inspired by London’s working class, this pub restaurant serves 14 original burgers and sandwiches. Their flavorful creative blend of burgers is what distinguishes this place from other restaurants in DC. Indeed, have you ever tried a chicken schnitzel sandwich with Jarlsberg cheese, avocado, capicola ham, pickled jalapeno with garlic aioli, and dijon all in a torta roll? At Duke’s, that’s called a Cubano. There are three locations in DC, so, find the one nearest you, and give this burger a try.


4. Bubbie’s

From the creators of PowPow, an award-winning plant-based Asian restaurant, Bubbie’s is serving up guaranteed vegan and Kosher-certified Americana burgers, fries, and soda. This sophisticated joint has the classic burgers and sandwiches that we all know and love, plus many drink options to satisfy anyone’s hunger at a very decent price. Indeed, Bubbie’s “sammies” are priced starting at $9 and go up to $16, proving that going vegan isn’t always expensive.

5. Thunder Burger

Get struck by lightning at this restaurant is located in Georgetown on M Street. Thunder Burger has 10 burgers to choose from including a half-pound beef burger and an impossible burger for a plant-based option. They also serve a Ventura Highway with a beef patty topped with triple cream Brie and caramelized red onion, or a Buffalo Stomp made with a bacon-wrapped bison burger with blue cheese, onions, tomato, and remoulade. With these intense burgers comes a side of Thunder fries, cranberry vinaigrette coleslaw, or apple potato salad is served with it. Now with outdoor dining available.


6. Red Apron Butcher

“A candy store for meat lovers” The Washington Post called this restaurant. With three locations in the DMV area, this place will serve you a big juicy burger cooked how you like it. Their meats have no hormones, no antibiotics, they are handmade, authentic, and Animal Welfare Approved. Pricing from $15 to $17 a burger, they also serve a $20 charcuterie board.



7. Le Diplomate

Hamburgers are America’s national dish, that doesn’t mean the French can’t cook up a delicious one! Le Diplomate serves traditional French dishes but has a particularly renowned Burger Américain, plated with French styled fries. If you are in the market for a fancier burger, perhaps this one will satisfy your taste buds.


8. Ghostburger

This restaurant serves condiment-packed burgers and Philly cheesesteaks and succeeds at it! With a whole variety of burgers to choose from, as well as the option to add a patty to your burger, you will be coming out of this place stuffed! An honorable mention goes to their “La Hamburgesa”, accessorized with special Mexican cheese, salsa macha, a smoked tomato relish, topped with cilantro. This burger will make your palette travel south of the border!


9. The Big Board

Family-owned by brothers whose dream was to create community over burgers, opened their restaurant in 2011 in the NoMa neighborhood. Serving 8 kinds of burgers with many other dishes and appetizers to choose from, this restaurant has recipes that you will find nowhere else in DC. According to their website, “to create a burger that truly set itself apart, the guys drew upon a family marinade recipe developed by the boys’ father, Admiral Flannery, who spent his career as director of the National Military Command Center.”


10. Good Stuff Eatery

We love a family-owned business, that positively impacts the community, and uses local farm ingredients! Located just around the corner of Capitol Hill and in Georgetown, this place has become a DC staple with burgers named after former President Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama. Indeed, the Michelle Melt is a turkey burger topped with caramelized onions, swiss cheese, tomato, and lettuce, on a wheat bun with herbed mayo. The Prez Obama Burger has applewood bacon, onion marmalade, Roquefort cheese with horseradish mayo on a potato bun. Pair your big burger with one of their 12 creative milkshake flavors.


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