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Bôn Matcha Soft Serve

And we love them so matcha!

Soft serves at Bôn Matcha are so tantalizingly smooth, its as if you could feel their velvety softness through the screen and its just so satisfying. I mean look at them! They’re so perfect they belong in a museum, or at least our Instagram feed.

This matcha-only shop is committed to delivering Washingtonians all of the goodness of traditional Asian flavors with a familiar, local twist in the shape of a soft serve ice cream. This way, owners claim, they continue building on America’s eclectic and ever-changing culture.

Bôn Matcha usually serves two flavors of soft serve– the well known and loved Matcha one, and the Misugaru one, a savory Korean blend of whole grains and nuts–that customers can order separately or choose to try them together for absolute swirly goodness. From time to time, you’ll be able to find some awesome seasonal flavors, like Sakura (cherry blossom) or vegan watermelon. Right now the Ice Cream Shop is serving their oh-so-popular Matcha flavor and a Fresh Milk soft serve. Yum!

The shop also serves matcha lattes, matcha limeades and “Matcha Colada”–a matcha drink made using fresh coconut water. You can also get Bôn Matcha drinks to go including their Matcha Latte, Sakura Milk Tea and their Matchacano, a mix of filtered water and organic matcha!


A matcha-only ice cream shop and café with perfect swirly serves sound absolutely amazing if you ask me. So while I call the Smithsonian and convince them to give these their own spot next to their sushi exhibit, why don’t you head over to Bôn Matcha and contribute to their history-making efforts?

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Open Wed-Sat, 1:30-7:30 PM
Prices may vary

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