Enjoy Bottomless Mimosa And Signature Sausages At This Iconic DC Restaurant

Lauren Piot Lauren Piot

Enjoy Bottomless Mimosa And Signature Sausages At This Iconic DC Restaurant

Prolong your weekend at HalfSmoke!

HalfSmoke is a unique restaurant with a “complex foodservice design” that serves everything from pub appetizers, a variety sausages, unique sandwiches, classic American desserts, and so much more! In addition to their diverse menu, they host many exciting events that make their dining experience even better. A couple of events coming up are a Pride themed Sausage Party, where they will be serving up their signature sausages at a discounted price for your group, and bottomless Mimosas every Monday!

Join HalfSmoke’s Sausage Party

In honor of Pride month, Halfsmoke is celebrating with a Sausage Party for you and your friends to savor their signature sausages. On June 12, come to HalfSmoke hungry and choose from seven different kinds of sausages. From 100% planet-based, organic lamb, thai chicken with pineapple, to spicy chicken, there is a sausage for everyone! Reserve a ticket here and a time slot to take advantage of this festive deal.

Bottomless Mimosa Mondays


Is there a way to make Mondays exciting? Seems almost impossible, right? Fortunately, HalfSmoke has come up with the remedy; Bottomless Mimosas every Monday! Brunch doesn’t have to be exclusively for the weekend, enjoy a delicious brunch and bottomless Mimoas with your coworkers and friends all day at HalfSmoke every Monday. For only $30 indulge in this graceful cocktail, or for an extra $15 pair food with your drink.


From sausages to mimosas, HalfSmoke can brighten up your week! Reserve your tickets and time to these special events!