This Paw-esome New Dog Bar Is Now Open In Alexandria • Brewski’s Barkhaus

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Brewski's Barkhaus Opening Soon In Alexandria

DC Metro’s first dog bar, Brewski’s Barkhaus, is now open!

Cat lovers already have two purrific hangouts in DC to meet up with the cutest floofters in town, so it’s only fair dog lovers got their own go-to place too. If you’re a pooch lover who’s barking mad for dogs, you best pop the champagne because DC finally has its very own Dog Bar!

Located near Potomac Yard, Brewski’s Barkhaus,  has been designed as part dog park, part restaurant & bar.

Barkhaus features indoor and outdoor off-leash play areas where pooches are able to come and go freely while their owners relax and unwind with a beer in hand. “These animals are a great way to break the ice and help bring the community together,” states a Barkhaus press release.

Patrons can also dine in the indoors on-leash areas, while off-leash areas are a drinks-only zone. The play areas are limited off by fences and have two entrances, so you can rest assured your pup won’t be going anywhere while you indulge in a beer (or two).


Barkhaus also has a special collab menu with the renowned catering company, The Laughing Pig, on offer. Owners of the Laughing Pig have created a brand new menu especially for Brewski’ Barkhaus that include incredible-looking dishes like Korean chicken wings with sesame lemongrass ranch and pickled slaw. To help wash it all down, Barkhaus will also offer a wide variety of locally-sourced craft beer and wine.

To ensure everything runs safely and smoothly, dogs aren’t allowed into the restaurant area and are also be required to be registered as members.  You can still expect plenty of playing and rolling around with the District’s cutest pups, according to co-owner Alex Benbassat. “Our goal is to provide an alternative to the typical adoption procedure by combining food, drinks, and dogs in a social environment. Whether you are adopting a dog or not, come help socialize the community’s sheltered and fostered dogs that are looking for a future home!” said Benbassat to Alexandria Living Magazine.

If you haven’t book your spot yet, go ahead and do that. And while you wait for your day at the most awesome bar in DC to arrive why not check out some adorable pups posing next to our capital’s monuments? Who knows, you might even run into them at Barkhaus!

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[Featured image: Brewski’s Barkhaus]

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