Here’s How To Turn Your Next Zoom Background Into Anything, From Joe Exotic To ‘Bob’s Burgers’

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Here’s How To Turn Your Next Zoom Background Into Anything, From Joe Exotic To ‘Bob’s Burgers’

And no, I don’t mean by moving from your bed to your kitchen.

Aah Zoom, the app of the hour! Whether we’re working from home, going to online class or meeting up for virtual drinks with friends, this app’s got our backs. It even offers us a change of scenery every now and then—something I’m sure we could all use right now. It’s as easy as clicking a couple of buttons and zoom you’re on an island in the Caribbean or in outer space! Here’s how you can change your virtual backgrounds and level up your online hangouts!

Changing your Zoom background is as easy as 1,2,3…

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Log on to your desktop Zoom app and click on Settings (it’s the little gear on the top right-hand corner).
  2. Click on Virtual Background.
  3. Select a background from the default options or add a photo or video of your liking by clicking the little plus button on the right-hand corner.

If you want to upload your favorite YouTube video as your Zoom background you can download the files using this website here. Simply paste the URL to the video you want and tap download!

Now, there’s a couple of other tips you should be aware of to make sure your Zoom background works perfectly. If you’re a Mac user, the virtual background will work best with Mac OS versions 10.13 or higher or else you might need a screen behind you. If you do need one, this guy’s got you covered with a super easy hack:

You can also add a beauty filter for those days when you’re running late to work or class and just don’t have time to pull yourself together. To turn it on, go once more into video settings on the Zoom app and click on My Video, there should be a box that says “Touch up my appearance” right below your video window. Check it and voilà, you’ll look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Did you spend hours getting ready? Did you wake up like this? Nobody will know!

If you need some more help, here’s a handy dandy video made by Zoom to help you set up your virtual background!

If you’re in need of some Zoom background inspo…

Don’t fret, we’ve got you! From memes to wall art and snapshots of your favorite tv series, these are some of the rarest, the coolest Zoom backgrounds out there.


Join your next Zoom meeting from outer space with NASA’s new zoom backgrounds. The organization’s Jet Propulsory Laboratory has shared via Twitter some awesome backgrounds that are totally out of this world! Space fans have also shared their own Zoom backgrounds via Twitter like @nancywyuen’s Starship Enterprise one or @AeroDork’s ISS Cupola onetwo totally stellar backgrounds perfect for any space and Scifi fan out there!

2. Top Gun

Following the Air & Space theme. The movie Top Gun has also shared some Zoom backgrounds via Twitter that will surely land well with all your friends!

3. Cute Animals

You can never go wrong with a picture of cute animals! The Monterrey Bay Aquarium has shared plenty of pictures of cute animals via Twitter that otter do the trick! They’re also a great choice if you’re looking to blend in with the crowds, like this guy.

3. Hinge

The dating app Hinge has got your back with some handy dandy backgrounds  to help elevate your Zoom dates with bae!


4. Moulin Rouge

Another red hot option from the bohemians over at Moulin Rouge The Musical fo you if you’re looking to drink wine à la Lady Marmalade, albeit without diamonds in the glass, at the Moulin Rouge!

5. Netflix

The streaming platform has also jumped into the Zoom background wagon and has shared backgrounds of its most iconic TV series across all its Twitter accounts! There’s also a Twitter-user-generated Love is Blind background going around the social media platform that’s totally awesome! (A pretty appropriate one for those trying to find their one true love in times of quarantine.) And, of course, you’ll find some great Tiger King content that make amazing backgrounds as well. Even Tiger King anime backgrounds!

6. Pixar

The animation studio has also shared backgrounds of some of its most iconic movies such as “Up” and “Finding Nemo” that will transport you high up into the sky and deep into the ocean!

7. Fox

The most famous living room on TV could not be left out from this awesome list of backgrounds! Fox has put to the disposal of all its followers several images of its most iconic tv series, one of them is of course The Simpson’s Twitter account living room. You can find them all on Fox TV’s !

8. All your favorite TV shows

As far as Zoom backgrounds go, this Zoom background of The Office by Twitter user @FrazierAndrew really drives it home in terms of Zoom background greatness. It’s totally epic! But there’s plenty more of your favorite tv shows contributing their little grain of sand to the Zoom game. RuPaul’s Drag Race has come out with some pretty awesome backgrounds for you to werk all your Zoom meetings, as well as Schitt’s Creek and Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj which have also released some pretty funky backgrounds for you to liven up your Zoom with.

9. Memes

Bring in your meme A-game to the Zoom arena with the latest and greatest memes of all time. We think the jealous girlfriend meme is a totally awesome choice for any 2020 meme lover out there! KC Green’s famous “This is Fine” comic also seems to be a very popular option on Twitter and it’s also is also a highly viable and relatable one for the current times we live in option.

10. Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

Take a stroll in the park with Unsplash. The stock image platform has created a full folder of photographs specifically for Zoom backgrounds, like this one, from which you can draw endless inspiration!

11. Canva

The graphic design platform is also offering an awesome variety of Zoom backgrounds and the opportunity to create your very own customizable background! Some of the templates include a super cute pair of animated angel wings, a psychedelic galaxy animated background and a customizable horoscope template. To create your own background follow these steps:

  1. Log in with Gmail, Facebook or create your own account.
  2. Search “virtual backgrounds for Zoom” and choose a design.
  3. Edit the design of your choice. You can also add text or your own images as well.
  4. Download your creation and upload it on to Zoom!

If you haven’t got the desktop app yet, you can download it on the Zoom website here!

Feature image: Fox Animation Backgrounds / Bob’s Burgers

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