DC’s Cherry Blossoms Are Now Halfway Through Their Blooming Process!

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DC’s Cherry Blossoms Are Now Halfway Through Their Blooming Process!

Our beautiful cherry blossoms have reached phase 3 of their blooming process which means we’re halfway to peak bloom!

Hello, spring and hello cherry blossom season! The National Park Service recently announced that the National Mall’s cherry blossom trees had already reached the third stage of blooming, meaning we’re just halfway to peak bloom.

The blossoming cycle for Yoshino cherry blossom trees has a total of six stages, meaning DC cherry blossoms are halfway through their cycle. This third stage is noticeable by the extension of the florets and usually occurs about 10-12 days before peak bloom. During this stage, the sakura florets (small flowers) start to shoot out of their buds, giving the trees that pinkish hue you’ve probably noticed they have if you’ve been walking around the Tidal Basin these days. The florets will remain a deep pink hue until they reach stage five (Fluffy White) and they start fully blossoming into the beautiful sakura flowers we’re most familiar with!


The NPS announced earlier this month that DC’s stunning cherry blossoms would likely reach peak bloom early in April, a tad bit later compared to last year when the blossoms were already in full bloom by now — I know they’re taking their sweet time to bloom this 2021.

With temperatures running cooler than normal, it sounds like the blossoms will take a little longer to bloom, but that will just make it all the more exciting for us!

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