Amazing Christmas Light Displays Are Going Back Up Across The Country To Brighten Spirits

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz


In an effort to lighten the current mood, some Americans have decided to bring their Christmas lights out of storage particularly early this year.

While restaurants and bars keep closing down, events keep getting canceled, and many doing their part in self-isolating, people throughout the country have decided to bring back their festive holiday displays to cheer everyone up and brighten spirits during this trying time.

Under the hashtag #LightsForLife, Americans have been sharing images of their Christmas lights to remind each other that we’re all in this together despite social distancing.

The beautiful lights come as a reminder that there’s still hope, love, and solidarity among all during these dark times the entire world is experiencing.

Through this movement (and thanks to the internet) some of the most impressive Christmas displays are getting a second chance to shine! Like this man’s amazing light show…which was only taken  down two short weeks ago, but is now getting put back up!

But any Christmas light display will do, no matter how big or small. The intention behind it is what really counts.

Because Christmas lights cheer everyone up!

This man’s mother also thought it would be a good idea for everyone to put their holiday lights back on, and we couldn’t agree more.

He ended up following her advice and wrapped up the tree in his front yard.

And so did more the more than 1,000 other people who reacted to this genius piece of motherly advice. Many of them responded with pictures of their lights which came in all shapes and sizes, like this person’s cute bears.


Or this person’s refusal to miss out on St. Patrick’s day fun, and instead put another holiday (but still very festive!) light display.

This inspiring movement to bring back the holidays in March is a great way to literally bring light into the world during these crazy times the coronavirus has put us all in. So let’s keep putting up our Christmas lights and making them shine bright from our windows as a reminder that we are all getting through this together!

Feature image: Steve Neumann, Twitter

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