This Cicada Ice Cream Sundae Is The DC Spring Trend We Can Get Behind

Lauren Piot Lauren Piot

This Cicada Ice Cream Sundae Is The DC Spring Trend We Can Get Behind

These are the only cicadas I’d eat!

Toby’s Homemade Ice cream shop in Arlington Virginia posted a Facebook picture on May 20 that has changed their business forever. Owner Toby Bantug created a unique dessert to celebrate the periodical Brood X cicadas that not only taste delicious, but has gone absolutely viral. He cleverly put together ice cream in the shape of a cicada and named it the “cicada sundae”.

Made with one scoop of Chocolate, Bittersweet Chocolate, and Cafe Au Lait ice cream, topped with chocolate sprinkles, red M & Ms imitating the cicada’s eyes, and waffle cones crushed up just right to make the cicada’s wings, this is the extraordinary dessert DMVers can’t stop talking about!

Named “The Official Dessert of Summer 2021” Toby’s cicadas are a viral sensation since the first picture of these sweet treats was posted on Facebook back in May. The ice cream shop’s staff has been bustling like bees to serve all the clients ordering the same dessert, which is about 170 a day. Out of their 27 flavors of ice cream, the 3 flavors that compose the cicada sundae have been running out rapidly, forcing them to close earlier by the end of the day.

Toby Bantug says that he plans to discontinue the cicada sundae once the cicadas have buried themselves back in the ground. “We will have the sundaes as long as the cicadas are out,” he told WTOP. “As soon as we see that last cicada, you will probably be seeing the last cicada sundae fly out of our store as well, for another 17 years I guess.”


So, stop by Toby’s Homemade Ice Cream Shop before they are all gone for the next 17 years!


[Featured image: @tobysicecream / Instagram]