5 Date Ideas That Are Unique To DC And Don’t Involve Dinner

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Alternative Dates In Washington DC

 We’ve put together a list of things to do around DC that make for awesome dates and don’t involve a sit-down meal.

Candlelit dinners, craft cocktails, speakeasies, Michelin-star dining? So cliché… This Valentine’s Day go on a hunt for the best street art in DC, get lost in one of DC’s beautiful book stores, or better yet, try your hand at axe-throwing!

1. Go on a street art hunt

Photo: @devonrolandphotography

The District is bursting with beautiful street art. New murals seem to be popping up everyday somewhere in the city. So why not take your date on a small scavenger hunt for the best murals in the city? It’ll make for a nice walk in which to get to know each other and take some awesome, insta-worthy shots together!

2. Wander round a Museum

Go on a museum date
Photo: @phillipscollection

Ok, this alternative isn’t necessarily unique to DC, but DC is full of museums and some are actually pretty cool. If you’re both into art, head over to The Phillips Collection after 5pm for a fancy night out full of good art, music and of course wine (Phillips After 5  goes on every first Thursday of the month). Or if standing in front of a painting is not your thing, try becoming a spy for a day at the International Spy Museum or taking a picture with a half-naked George Washington at the National Museum of American History.

3. Take a break from city life

Nature dates
Photo: @lee_fine_art

Nature-themed dates can be very fun and relaxing, especially if both of you work and live in the District. DC is surrounded by beautiful green spots like Rock Creek Park and the National Arboretum. These are perfect for going on a nice romantic hike, wandering around and taking totally insta-worthy shots of nature.


4. Get lost in your favorite book store

Photo: Josh Felise, Unsplash

DC has some pretty awesome spots for book lovers to cozy up in and geek out over literature! You could head into your favorite bookstore for a browse or discover a new one together, look for hidden gems in Capitol Hill Book’s kitchen sink or grab a bite at Kramerbooks and Afterwords café. Shakshuka with a side of Jane Austen anyone?

5. Try your hand at axe-throwing

A New Axe Throwing Bar Is Opening In Ivy City
Photo: @kikaxethrowing

Want to spice your dates up? Feeling especially bad-axe?  Try your hand at hatchet hurling together. Instead of throwing darts at a board in a random, obscure dive bar, head to one of the new axe-throwing venues opening in Ivy City this month. Watch your S.O. try to hit bullseye with an axe while you engage in some friendly competition over a few drinks.


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