DC Government Issues Stay-At-Home Order, Effective Wednesday

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DC Government Issues Stay-At-Home Order, Effective Wednesday

Here’s what you need to know about Mayor Bowser’s stay-at-home order that will become effective on Apr 1.

Last night Mayor Muriel Bowser officially issued a stay-at-home order for the District of Columbia and its residents. The order is expected to become effective tomorrow, Apr 1, and remain in place until Apr 24.

District residents are now being ordered to stay at home in an effort to curve the effects of the ongoing pandemic and stay clear from common residential areas such as gyms, party rooms, lounges, rooftops and courtyards. Residents are now allowed to leave their homes for the following reasons only:

  • To engage in essential activities, including obtaining medical care that cannot be provided through telehealth and obtaining food and essential household goods.
  • To work at essential businesses or perform and access essential governmental functions.
  • To engage in allowable recreational activities, as defined by the Mayor’s Order.

Leaving home for any other activity than those specified by the order may have its consequences according to the order. “Any individual who willfully violates the order may be guilty of a misdemeanor,” says the Mayor’s Order. “Upon conviction, subject to a fine not exceeding $5,000, imprisonment for not more than 90 days, or both.”


The order also dictates specific instructions for those riding public transports if they need to travel for any essential activity or for work. For more details, you can read Mayor Bowser’s order here.

The states of Maryland and Virginia also issued stay-at-home orders for its residents earlier on Monday.

Feature image:  Maria Oswalt, Unsplash. 

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