14 Photos Of Dogs At DC Monuments That Will Brighten Your Day

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz

Dogs in Washington DC

We love living in the Nation’s Capital and so do these puppers!

Here are some of the cutest, most wholesome doggies you’ll find roaming around and posing with DC’s many monuments! Enjoy!

1. There’s the giant floofer that sat next to giant Albert Einstein

Had some relatively impawtant physics problems to discuss, I’m sure.

2. And these two pups in a basket.

3. This little lady who is ready for business

Absolutely fabulous!

4. And a smiling doggo by the Tidal Basin

…with luscious golden locks.

5. This pupper looks seriously presidential.

6. There’s also this smiling pup and his friend who got blinded by the sun.

7. And these two cuties, who are ready to take on the cold

Just. Adorable.

8. This Holiday Chunky Boy

Christmas may be over but this good boy definitely deserves a shout-out!


9. Have you ever seen someone with such great hair? Absolutely not.

Look at those locks! And those bangs!

10. This fella nailed who the downward dog at the Tidal Basin

Impawssibly cute!!

11. These two cuties are definitely enjoying the sun

Look at that bejeweled collar!!

12. …and so are these two

So fluffy!!

13. This lovely lady  seems to be enjoying her Sunday stroll around the Washington Monument

14. And last but by no means least, is this pupper whose whiskers got caught in the wind

15. Bonus doggo rolling in the grass

’cause… why not?

Feature Image: @cavapoo_cooper / Instagram

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