President Eisenhower’s Interactive Memorial Will Be Revealed On V-E Day

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz

Eisenhower Memorial Opening on V-E Day 2020

Set to open on V-E Day 2020, the Eisenhower Memorial will be the first presidential memorial to feature augmented reality.

The countdown for the Eisenhower Memorial opening has finally begun. Frank Gehry’s design will break with traditional presidential memorials by bringing in augmented reality (AR) and revolutionizing the way we experience these monuments.

Like others in the city, Eisenhower Memorial will feature larger-than-life statues, stone bas reliefs and engraved inscriptions celebrating the president’s achievements. Against the background of a stainless-steel tapestry depicting the shores of Normandy, two opposing sets of statues placed against stone bas reliefs will commemorate Eisenhower´s military and political prowess as WWII hero and post-war-era President.


The Eisenhower Memorial will also incorporate AR as its star feature. According to organizers, a memorial app will give you access to special historical footage while at the memorial. All you will have to do is hold up your camera to the monument and watch history come alive.

The Eisenhower Memorial opens May 8 on Maryland Ave across the street from the Air & Space Museum.

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