A Free Britney Rally Is Happening Today At The Lincoln Memorial

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A Free Britney Rally Is Happening Today At The Lincoln Memorial

Spear’s fans will be gathering at the Lincoln Memorial today to show their support!

Fans plan to support pop-star Britney Spears in her legal battle of conservatorship against her father with a rally voicing their encouragement with the hopes this issue reaches Congress. The “Free Britney America” rally will take place Wednesday, July 14, at 2 p.m. at the Lincoln Memorial. Organized by a group called Free Britney America, the founders hope the message reaches the president to look into conservatorship law. They advocate suspending Spear’s conservatorship and “push for federal oversight in probate court”.

According to their website “our mission is to organize congressional and senatorial legislators for a hearing to better evaluate and make changes to the issues surrounding conservatorship law. This is a bipartisan human rights issue, that is in desperate need of bipartisan attention.”


Free Britney America organizers are not expecting a huge crowd but hope that Spears advocates like Ted Cruz or Elizabeth Warren show up to demonstrate just how important this issue is. Cassandra Dumas says “it’s something where we as fans want to see her free first and foremost.”

The rally will take place at the bottom of the steps next to the Reflecting Pool at 2 p.m. and water and sunscreen are encouraged to be brought.

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