A Gorgeous Fashion Fun House Art Installation Is Now Open In Georgetown

Lauren Piot Lauren Piot

A Gorgeous Fashion Fun House Art Installation Is Now Open In Georgetown

After a year of wearing sweat pants and leggings, “Inside The Wardrobe” is reinspiring people to get dressed up in real clothes and to take cute pictures!

When everything switched to online no one truly made an offer to get fully dressed anymore. We all wore a professional-looking top with pajama bottoms against a blank wall because the rest of the area was a mess. Or, not even turning on the camera, or using a digital background when in a class or meeting. Overall, now with the world reopening, we need to get back to making that effort of getting dressed to presenting in real life.

Expressing ourselves through fashion is a way to showcase who we are to the world. By using clothes and jewelry, we give a sneak peek of our creativity, passions, and mind to the people around us. The artists at Design Foundry have created a 20,000-square foot walk-through experience that celebrates the return of fashion and getting dressed up again.

Debuting July 8, this wildly Instagrammable fashion exhibit has 20 sensory interactive experiences. Walk through and take pictures in these colorful rooms, and fall back in love with your wardrobe. Georgetown is also an ideal location for this art installation since it is considered the fashion center of DC. Guests must wear masks, except when posing for photos.

Annie Senatore, CEO and Creative Director of Design Foundry, explains her inspiration for this installation: “As we start to emerge from the proverbial cocoon we’ve found ourselves in for the past year, I wanted to explore what role fashion can play in returning to a face-to-face world. Getting reacquainted with our clothing and celebrating the fun of getting dressed was the central inspiration behind ‘Inside the Wardrobe.’ It’s a celebration of self-expression and we hope what we’ve created will inspire you to enjoy getting dressed up once again.”

Inside the Wardrobe” will also be teaching visitors about the environmental impact of fast fashion. They will be offering actionable advice on ways to create a sustainable future for the fashion industry. A donation bin will be at the entrance to give your old clothes a new home. Everyone can make a difference!

Open Thursdays and Fridays from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. “Inside the Wardrobe” will run until Sunday, September 26,  so don’t miss out!

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