John Krasinski Has Launched A Youtube Channel Dedicated Entirely To Good News

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John Krasinski Has Launched A Youtube Channel Dedicated Entirely To Good News

Reading the news can be a tough task right now.

Bad news seems to submerge most of what we digest as we remain in the midst of a global pandemic. But, John Krasinski, also known as Jim from The Office (US), is here to provide us with nothing but the good stuff.

Opening with a cool spinning globe, the actor launches into his vision for the series. He then explains how this idea came to him, even before the outbreak.

“For years now, I’ve been wondering why is there not a news show dedicated entirely to good news?” he asked. “Well, desperately seeking my fix somewhere else, I reached out to all of you this week asking, nay begging, for some good news. And boy did you deliver.”

“Enough is enough world. Why not us? Why not now? So, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your fault and this is SGN.”


John Krasinski then acknowledges the “trying” time we’re all going through, referencing all the anxiety, isolation and even some Tiger King (seriously, watch it) for good measure.

He provides us with all the heartwarming, heartstring-tugging stories from around the world. Included is a montage of all the appreciation healthcare workers have received for their selflessness during this time.

Clips of support from Spain, out at sea, the United States and more also demonstrated an outpouring of love for the world’s healthcare workers. This preceded the wonderful world of isolation tales, including the public helping out their fellow neighbors. The episode closed with an interview with Coco, a cancer survivor from Maine who received a round of applause from her local community. We’re not crying, you are.

But before this, there was another guest appearance! Jim Halpert and Michael Scott, aka John Krasinski and Steve Carrell, were reunited via Zoom! They reminisced about their favorite moments of the hit show, along with much more.

So, if you were upset about waiting for John Krasinski’s performance in the now-delayed A Quiet Place 2, why not hit up his new channel for some feel-good time passing? We can all pray there will be plenty more good news on the way to give this difficult time a speckle of hope.

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