Mayor Bowser Extends DC’s Current Public Emergency An Additional 15 Days

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz

Mayor Bowser Extends DC’s Current Public Emergency An Additional 15 Days

The order will remain in place for the next two weeks unless provided for by further Mayoral order.

On Wednesday, January 6, a mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol seeking to overturn legal election results. Demonstrators have since dissipated and Congress affirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s win, however, in light of the events, Mayor Bowser has issued an order extending the District’s public emergency for 15 days.

Bowser signed the new order shortly after issuing a curfew order for DC on Wednesday night. “Today’s events and the reasonable apprehension of an ongoing public emergency represent an immediate threat to the health, safety, and welfare of District residents that requires emergency protective actions,” said the Mayor in a statement.

In a later public safety briefing, Bowser explained she had signed the extension order so that city officials and MPD could continue to “ensure peace and security through the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.”


According to the official statement, under the new public emergency order “the City Administrator, in consultation with the Director of the District of Columbia Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, is authorized to implement such measures as may be necessary or appropriate to protect persons and property in the District of Columbia from the conditions caused by this public emergency.” Wether Wednesday’s night curfew should be extended during this time or not, is yet to be determined.

The public emergency order is now in place and is expected to remain so through  Thursday, January 21, until 3 p.m., unless otherwise stated.

“Today may be a dark day for our democracy,” the mayor said. “But there is change and hope coming.”

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