A Group Of Georgetown Medical Students Is Organizing Hospital Supply Donations Across U.S.

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz


The student-led nonprofit MedSupplyDrive is collecting hospital supplies and distributing them across 37 states and the UK.

Health workers across the US have found themselves in the dire situation of having to fight the coronavirus without being able to take all the necessary precautions, so physicians have been turning to social media in an effort to get hold of the necessary equipment.  To help these practitioners out, a group of third-year medical students from Georgetown University has launched MedSupplyDrive, a cross-country operation to help supply hospitals across America and the UK with the necessary protective equipment like masks, non-latex gloves and bleach.

“Our mission is to bring together a coalition of health professionals, researchers, lab workers, health science students, and US citizens to organize systems for mobilizing supplies and getting them to hospitals in dire need,” says the group on their website.

Regional and city coordinators manage the collection process by which volunteers are gathering supplies from local businesses including nail salons, tattoo parlors and construction sites. Supplies are then delivered to local hospitals through no-contact deliveries and if local entities have enough supplies, the excess equipment can also be shipped to hotspots like New York City.

So far the project has had such an overwhelming response, it hasn’t taken long for the initiative to spark interest outside of DC. This has allowed MedSupplyDrive to extend its volunteer network across 37 states and all the way across the UK.

The initiative now has over 400 volunteers, many of which are also medical students and keeps growing by the hour.

MedSupplyDrive is currently accepting new volunteers and donations. Find out more about how you can help them out by visiting their website.

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