An Enchanting Art Exhibition Dedicated To Frida And Diego Is Coming To DC

And Tickets are now on sale!

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An Enchanting Art Exhibition Dedicated To Frida And Diego Is Coming To DC

Artistic revolutions don’t come around all that often, but when they do, they have the power to change how we see the world. Just one artist managing this is impressive, but when a daring duo inspire one another to ever greater heights, you end up with unmissable art – and that’s exactly the case for Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, two of Mexico’s greatest ever painters.

Their work captures beauty, love, and deep emotions, and soon you’ll get your chance to see their paintings come to life, at the new art exhibition Mexican Geniuses: A Frida & Diego Immersive Experience. This never-before-seen exhibition will transform an iconic DC venue into a spell-binding world of art, and tickets are now on sale.

You’ve never seen an art exhibition quite like this before!

Tickets to DC’s Mexican Geniuses: A Frida & Diego Immersive Experience are now on sale. Grab yours here!

Exploring the lives, loves, and legacies of these incredible artists, the exhibition will make use of over 300 art projections, ranging from the minuscule to the monumental, all of which will envelop you in a flurry of color and sound.

Mexican Geniuses will blend 360-degree projection technology with a state-of-the-art sound system to immerse you in art, and make you feel as if you’ve stepped inside a painting. It’s the first time that the works of Frida & Diego are being displayed with immersive light technology, which is sure to give you a brand new perspective on their playful, provocative, and moving paintings.

As you move through the exhibition, you’ll learn more about the life and careers of the iconic artists, and how their relationship influenced each other’s work. You’ll even have the chance to explore the rich scenery of Mexico in a unique VR experience, which definitely isn’t to be missed! The impact of Frida and Diego’s works is still felt today, and in exploring this jaw-dropping immersive show, you’ll discover the world and the dreams that influenced them both, not only through the hyper-realistic paintings, but through workshops, panels, and guides too.

Mexican Geniuses: A Frida & Diego Immersive Experience will arrive in DC in May 2022, and whilst the exact location is under wraps for the moment, we’ve been told it’ll be an extensive venue bursting with the light and color of their paintings. We’re excited already!

Mexican Geniuses: A Frida & Diego Immersive Experience

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