This DC Mural Represents The Importance Of Getting Vaccinated

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This DC Mural Represents The Importance Of Getting Vaccinated

This informative and educational mural is teaching people about the importance of vaccines.

Art is known to teach people about different subjects, whether that’s about history, places around the world or just to entertain. This new mural in Anacostia is educating people about vaccination. In partnership with Lysol, the cleaning and disinfectant brand, as part of their Ad Council and COVID Collaborative for the “It’s Up To You” campaign, local DC artist Aniekan Udofia created an astonishing mural promoting the importance of vaccine education.

In lively colors, it depicts people smiling, hugging, dancing, and playing cards together with a prominent hand reaching out. It reflects a house party and represents what life looked like before the pandemic when we were able to hang out with people with no constraints and with no mask. In an Instagram caption, Aniekan explains that it “captures those special moments as we welcome friends and loved ones back into our homes.”

A QR code is featured next to the mural that brings viewers to GetVaccineAnswers.org, a website detailing the importance of being vaccinated and providing more information about the COVID-19 vaccines. This QR code is Lysol’s effort to bring awareness to vaccine education and to its work with Ad Council and COVID Collaborative for the “It’s Up To You” campaign which helps answer any questions or concerns people may have about the vaccines. Indeed, this project intersects art, technology, and important information.


This mural couldn’t have come at a better time, COVID cases are rising in DC and the threat of the Delta variant is looming over DC residence and unvaccinated people are at high risk. Vaccine education has never been more relevant and so is this lovely mural!


Where: 3925 Minnesota Avenue NE, Washington, D.C. 20019

[Featured image: Aniekan Udofia]

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