Nationals Park To Become A Polling Station For The Upcoming Elections

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Nationals Ballpark Polling Station

The park has been designated an early and day-of voting site for the November 3 elections.

For the first time since the pandemic forced its shutdown, Washingtonians will be able to return to the Nationals Ballpark, but this time it will be to cast their ballots for the upcoming presidential elections. On Monday, August 24, DC’s elections board listed the Nationals Park on its website as a polling center for both early and day-of voting.

“This fall, we can help make sure one of our most important civic responsibilities can be completed as seamlessly and safely as possible. We are thrilled to help alleviate some of the challenges associated with voting during a pandemic and support the Board of Elections by opening Nationals Park as an election site,” said Mark D. Lerner, managing principal owner of the Washington Nationals, to the Washington Post.

Nats Park isn’t the first grand sports venue in the city to become a voting station for the upcoming elections, however. Earlier this month, Monumental Sports and Entertainment, owner of  Capital One Arena, announced the giant venue would also be open for voting as part as the company’s campaign to encourage people to vote in the November 3 elections. Other large sports venues around the country like the LA Dodgers’ Park have also been selected as voting centers.


Election week in the District runs from October 27 until November 3 and Washingtonians will be able to cast their vote at “super vote centers” (a term coined by the Board of Elections to identify facilities large enough to effectively handle large numbers of voters) as part of the city’s new, COVID-friendly voting system as well as any of the listed early-voting locations and day-of voting locations. DC voters will also be able mail in their ballots at one of the dozen ballot drop boxes scattered around the city.

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