Oreo Released A Team USA-Themed Cookies For The 2021 Olympics

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Oreo Released A Team USA-Themed Cookies For The 2021 Olympics

A sweet way to show your American spirit!

Remember when Oreo came out with the limited edition Team USA cookies for 2018’s Winter Olympics? Well, now they’re back for this summer’s Olympic games and they’re looking positively patriotic!

This time around the cookies will not only feature the American flag and Olympic rings on them, but will also have thrice as much filling. And it’ll be red, white and blue! That’s right, the 2021 Olympics Oreos will feature a thick, tricolor crème in honor of Team USA.

This year, the cream has a special catch! Sandwiched between the chocolate cookies is the festive Oreo crème that’s now popping candy flavored, for an extra layer of surprise. Don’t miss out, these are limited edition and won’t last forever!

Fans who have tried these tricolor treats have raved that they have as much crème as the Mega Stuff Oreos! The Oreo Twitter account also announced that a limited edition Salted Caramel Brownie cookies are out now, and not gonna lie, we’re pretty stoked about those too.


But now that the secret of Team USA Oreos is out, we can’t help but wonder whether there’ll be any more Olympics-themed Oreos coming at us this summer.

[Feature Image: Oreo Twitter]

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