The Beautiful Cherry Blossoms Have Now Reached Peak Bloom

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz

The Beautiful Cherry Blossoms Have Now Reached Peak Bloom

It’s peak bloom season!

Attention Washingtonians! Our beautiful cherry blossoms have finally reached peak bloom! The National Park Service announced earlier on Sunday, March 28, that the National Mall sakura trees had finally reached the final stage of blooming after unusually warm temperatures this past week helped speed them through the last 3 stages of blooming!

The beautiful yoshino cherry trees surrounding the Tidal Basin and the National Mall have finally exploded into beautiful fluffy shades of pink and white and we cannot get over how gorgeous it looks!


If you’re looking to catch a glimpse of the blossoming spectacle the NPS highly recommends doing it safely from home with the Bloom Cam to avoid overcrowding of the area. But if you’re looking to avoid the crowds there’s a few other spots around the city were you can still admire the beautiful sakura trees in all their splendour — Just remember to stay safe!

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[Featured image: Unsplash]

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