DC’s Pet Shelters Are Seeing An Increase In Their Adoption Numbers Due To The COVID-19 Crisis

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It seems like social distancing has been incredibly beneficial for all our furry friends in need of a home!

All we hear about the COVID-19 crisis nowadays seem to be not-so-good stories, restaurants and museums are closing down and the National Cherry Blossom Festival is as good as canceled but besides beating coronavirus with our social distancing, it would seem like something else that’s positive is coming out of it. And that’s the fact that a lot of DC’s furry residents are suddenly getting adopted!

Shelters throughout DC such as the Humane Rescue Alliance, Lucky Dog and DC Paws have been asking locals to please come and adopt or foster one of their current residents. The shelters are planning ahead time for what they expect to be an increase in new rescues and a decrease in personnel as the coronavirus lockdown continues to unfold. Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters… they’re all in need of a home right now.

Their call has been heard, however, because the shelters have been seeing an increase in the number of adoptions per day since the lockdown started. For example, DC Paws has gotten 30 adoption applications in just the last few days!


With people being home-bound and finding themselves with more time in their hands than usual, now would seem like the perfect moment to foster a little kitty or house-train a puppy. And what’s better to ease the loneliness of being socially isolated by yourself at home than providing shelter to a lovely little critter who’s in desperate need of one?

Shelters are asking that you follow a couple of health & safety procedures if you are planning to take in one of their rescues. For example, the Humane Rescue Alliance asks that you come decided to adopt on that same day and that only one member per household makes their way to the shelter to pick up their newly adopted pet.

Feature image: @humanerescue

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