These Disney Fans Recreated The Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride At Home & It’s Pretty Spot On

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Stay at home me hearties. Yo ho!

Staying at home and self-isolating during this pandemic has us all pushing the limits of our imagination trying to find new ways in which to entertain ourselves. This family from Utah seems to be doing particularly well at this game. The Thornocks recently recreated the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at home and not gonna lie, it looks pretty freaking awesome.

The Thornocks avidly recreated the famous Disney World ride and some of its most iconic scenes complete with a drunk Jack Sparrow singing “Drink up, me hearties. Yo ho!”

Photo: Brin Thornock, Youtube

The ride started with the usual announcement for everyone to keep their hands, arms, feet and legs inside the “boat” at all times and get ready to set sail. Then, they “floated” by a man lazily playing his banjo before reaching the waterfall, or in this case the staircase fall.

Photo: Brin Thornhock, Youtube

On their ride, the Thornocks found themselves trapped in the throes of a battle between pirate ships,  passed by a very dead pirate still guarding his treasure at the Dead Man’s Cove and watched as a very mischievous pirate tried to run away from a woman with her chicken!

Photo: Brin Thornock, Youtube

The ride couldn’t have been complete without the iconic scene where the imprisoned pirates try to lure the dog into giving them the prison cell keys, showing that the recording of this ride was a family-wide affair.

Photo: Brin Thornock, Youtube

The family reportedly recreated the whole ride solely from memory and what a great memory they’ve got! Their version of the ride seems pretty spot on, if not check out this live recording of the actual ride at Disney World!

But the Disney-loving Thornhocks aren’t finished with their magical Disney rides quite yet. More recently they’ve recreated the Haunted Mansion ride which looks just as fun as their Pirates of the Caribbean one. Check it out (😱)!


This rather haunting ride included all kinds of spooky decor including turning marble busts and flashing lights!

Photo: Brin Thornock, Youtube

oh and let’s not forget the pair of ghosts riding a seesaw…

Photo: Brin Thornock, Youtube

And the famous hitchhiking ghosts.

Photo: Brin Thornock, Youtube

All of which had the baffled gravedigger and his dog totally spooked out!

Photo: Brin Thornock, Youtube


With two rides down and many more to go, we wonder what Disney ride the Thornhock family will go on next!

Feature image: @julesthornock

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