This Colorful Mural Celebrates Love In The Heart Of DC

Lauren Piot Lauren Piot

This Colorful Mural Celebrates Love In The Heart Of DC

[Featured image: @thelovemural / Instagram]

Visit this iconic DC mural and feel the energy network of LOVE!

Talented artist and LGBTQ+ activist Lisa Marie Thalhammer is the acclaimed artist of the LOVE mural painted in Blagden Alley. This mural is now a must-see attraction for Washingtonians and tourists to appreciate colors and to take a vibrant Instagram picture. However, this mural represents more than just another aesthetic place for a picture.

Commissioned by the Arts of Humanities, Lisa Marie wanted to express her fondness for bright colors while portraying an important message, the importance of the energy of love. Indeed, through her many murals, she uses lively colors to brighten up the city landscape, one mural at a time. In an Instagram caption, she writes “I call my color shape artworks “Energy Networks” as they are meant to help you balance and maintain radiant joy.” 

This LOVE mural is a part of her Energy Network artwork series. She says “Love is one of the greatest energies there is and I painted this piece in 2017 and I painted it to combat the hate that was spreading during the 2016 election cycle.”


Her spirited message of the positive energy love grants is a significant one. With all the hate that happens in the world, this mural is meant to provide some peace and love to the people who walk by it. In another Instagram caption, she expresses her gratefulness to her career, “I’m am grateful for a career dedicated to empowering communities and helping to heal though the magic of color in public space!”

She has done many acclaimed murals around Washington DC, so keep an eye out for her energetic rainbows when you’re wandering the city!

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