This DC Distillery Is Giving A Free Bottle Of Hand Cleaner With Every Alcohol Order

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This DC Distillery Is Giving A Free Bottle Of Hand Cleaner With Every Alcohol Order

 Republic Restoratives is making its own version of hand sanitizer and is giving it away with all their booze orders.

Republic Restoratives has been doing its civic duty and has been helping locals out by supplying homemade hand sanitizer with their orders for free. Following the World Health Organization’s guidelines on how to make hand sanitizer at home using vegetable glycerine, hydrogen peroxide, and distilled water, the team behind this Ivy City brewery has been putting its abundant supply of high-grade alcohol into good use.

After closing its doors to the public to comply with the District’s COVID-19 regulations,  the brewery launched its direct-to-consumer delivery service this past Monday, Mar 16. All orders come with a free bottle of their “hand cleaner” and are available for delivery or curbside pick-up in the DC area only. The Republic Restoratives team will be personally delivering orders to its customers. And, yes. There’s same-day delivery available!

Their initiative has been met with great excitement from the local community who have been enjoying Republic Restorative’s spirits with a side of hand sanitizer from the comfort of their own home, and some are even ready to make a second order!

Like other local businesses, the woman-owned brewery has been feeling the effect of the coronavirus crisis but they aren’t letting it stop them. This week, they will be offering online cocktail classes featuring local bartenders that will be streamed on their Facebook or Instagram channels. Owner Pia Carusone also told the Washingtonian they were looking into establishing a virtual tip jar for bartenders.

For more of the brewery’s updates make sure to follow Republic Restoratives on Facebook and Instagram.


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