Netflix Just Dropped A Trailer For Season 4 Of Stranger Things, And There’s A Huge Surprise

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Stranger Things season four

Obviously contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for Stranger Things thus far.

Now, you wouldn’t normally be super hyped for a Stranger Things trailer which doesn’t feature Eleven, Mike, Joyce, Alexei (😭) or even Hawkins itself. But then again, it’s not every Stranger Things trailer that confirms what fans had long hoped and suspected: Hopper. Is. ALIVE!


Yes, despite his apparent demise during the Battle of Starcourt (I did warn you there’d be spoilers), Hopper appears in the trailer alive and (mostly) well, helping to lay railway tracks in the iron winter of Russia. It confirms what we’d all suspected, after having seen season 3’s post-credits teaser, which hinted ominously at ‘the American’ being held by the Russians. Aside from some moody shots of snow-choked forests and fierce guards, the trailer doesn’t give much away, save for confirming that the show will travel outside of Hawkins this season.

It appeared on Netflix’s Twitter account a scant 30 minutes ago, providing the Valentine’s gift we really needed today. Sadly, there’s nothing in there about a release date, but I reckon you’ll be back with Scoops Troop and co by the end of the year! We’ll keep you updated with more information as soon as we’ve got it…

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