The Venue For DC’s Gothic Sleepy Hollow Cocktail Experience Has Finally Been Revealed!

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The Venue For DC’s Gothic Sleepy Hollow Cocktail Experience Has Finally Been Revealed!

DC’s Sleepy Hollow Cocktail Experience is now open and the exact location has finally been revealed!

The secret’s out! DC’s gothic Sleepy Hollow cocktail experience is now open and the location has finally been revealed as Georgetown’s EastBanc (3306 M Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007).

Located in the heart of Georgetown, this building offers 4,700 square feet of retail space with access to both M Street, and Cady’s Alley. This November, EastBanc will be transforming into the spooky town of Sleepy Hollow where adventure (and cocktails) await you deep within the woods!

Based on the legend of Sleepy Hollow —the American gothic supernatural horror book— this unique cocktail experience will take you deep into the western woods where the fog never stops rolling in.  The fine folk of Sleepy Hollow will be there to greet and serve you all kinds of gothic drinks. The nature-surrounded decor and punk-dance soundtrack will transport you to a chilly realm far from reality!


Peasants and other Sleepy Hollow characters will also be packing gifts and surprises for you throughout the evening, as well as Godforsaken games of yore to enjoy at your leisure! Included in your ticket are 3 supernatural beverages (non-alcoholic available) served by the village folk, bartenders, and hosts who’ve built this spot-in-the-woods just for you!

So if you’re looking to escape the mortal world’s modern fears don’t forget to pop by EastBanc (sorry, I mean the Sleepy Hollow Tavern) and treat yourself to some cocktails that will haunt you for days. The residents of Sleepy Hollow welcome you with wicked hearts and promise you revel in their good woodlands!

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Sleepy Hollow: An Immersive Cocktail Experience


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