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International Spy Museum Lets You Become A Spy For A Day

*Cue the Mission Impossible soundtrack*

Is becoming the next 007 your dream? Are you an expert in midnight missions to the fridge? Is the Mission Impossible soundtrack now stuck in your head? If you answered yes to all the above, it’s time to head on your first real undercover mission, agent. At the new International Spy Museum on L’Enfant Plaza you’ll discover the world of espionage while venturing on a top-secret, immersive experience.

Your mission will start at the 5th-floor Briefing Center.  There you’ll receive your new cover identification and an RFID-enable badge to help you throughout your visit. Then you’ll head into the Briefing theatre, where you’ll listen to a quick brief on the history of espionage, narrated by none other than Morgan. Freaking. Freeman. (This might be the coolest briefing in the history of briefings).


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Once the Voice of God has finished imparting its wisdom, you’ll be able to get started on your mission. Head on to discover more about history’s most famous spies, spying gadgets and espionage techniques and learn how spies shaped the course of history and nations. As an agent, you’ll have to hone your code-cracking skills and unraveling secret codes, try your hand at data-analysis and take part in a recreation of a CIA exercise to capture Osama Bin Laden, among other top-secret missions we’re not at liberty to discuss. You’ll also get to see some awesomely cool spy gadgets on display such as James Bond’s famous Aston Martin, Mata Hari’s metal bra and an American diplomat’s shoe that the Soviet intelligence tapped with a microphone and transmitter during the Cold War.



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At the end of your visit, you’ll be able to access the Debriefing Center where you’ll receive your undercover mission conclusion and a performance debrief highlighting your top spy skills. These can also be accessed online after your visit for a more complete debrief.

The museum can get really busy during the day, so we suggest allowing yourself 2-3 hours for the visit.

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Practical information

Open 10am-6pm, Mon-Sun
$25 (Special discounts may apply)

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