The Mormon Temple Is Reopening To The Public For The First Time Since 1974

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The Mormon Temple Is Reopening To The Public For The First Time Since 1974

In 2022 visitors will be welcomed to The Mormon Temple in Kensington

Like all Mormon temples, it is closed off to members who do not belong to the church, but now, as of spring 2022 that is changing with DC’s iconic Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints opening to the public. The first and only time the Temple has been open to the public was for its first dedication and open house back in 1974 which saw 758,328 visitors from September to October of 1974.

On July 20, 2021, the media was allowed in for the first time to record the press conference held by Aaron Sherinian, the director of media for the Temple Open House Committee, to announce the reopening in 2022. Now after 48 years of only members of the Mormon church being allowed to enter, anyone of any faith or beliefs will be welcomed.

“This is a great occasion for us to open the doors of the temple for our friends, members of the Washington, D.C., community, people, and partners of all faiths and backgrounds to come and join us and to experience the beauty and peace that is the temple of the Lord,” said Aaron Sherinian.


The 173,000 square feet of Alabama white marble that DMVers know all too well and pass by on the Beltway, will be open from April 28 to June 4, 2022. On November 1, more information and the ticketing process will be released online.


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