8 Relaxing Things To Do This Weekend Or On Your Day Off

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8 Relaxing Things To Do This Weekend Or On Your Day Off

Some time for yourself is finally here! Decompress and enjoy your time off.

After a long busy week, the weekend and days off feel like it couldn’t have arrived fast enough. Now that you have some time off, take advantage and do some fun activities that will help you relax and refresh. Below are some ideas of things you can do to enjoy your well-deserved time off!

1. Treat yourself and practice some self-care!

These look different to everyone, so whatever self-care and treating yourself means to you, do it! Whether that’s taking a hot bath with a book, watching your favorite movie or TV show in comfy PJs, buying a sweet treat, or going for a walk. The weekend and days off are here so that you can decompress after working hard. It’s important to take some time for yourself, to do what makes you happy and feel good!

2. Sleep in!

It’s the best part of the weekend! Not needing to get up early or tend to responsibilities. Sleeping in could also be a form of self-care, catching up on the sleep you may have missed during the week and resting. Enjoy it and stay snuggled up in bed for a few extra hours!

3. Hangout with friends

Nothing is better than strong friendships with people who lift each other up and who are there for one another. It can feel so good to go out with your best friends catch up and talk about everything on your mind as they listen to you and offer advice if needed.

4. Exercise and get some fresh air

This can be another form of self-care! By exercising and getting out of the house you blow off some steam by letting go of those busy workdays. Now that offices are reopening and schools are back in session, getting outside may have been pushed to the back burner. But not only does getting some fresh air help clear your mind and relax, but it also feels good to enjoy the outdoors and city after being at a desk all week.

5. Do the things you’ve been wanting to do and putting off


Since the day is wide open, why not go do the things you’ve been wanting to do! Go visit that museum you’ve been wanting to see, explore that bookstore, tryout that coffee shop, etc. The day is yours, seize it, carpe diem! Having the day off is also a good opportunity to do the things you’ve been procrastinating. Once that task is completed you’ll feel much better and can move on to other things.

6. Escape the city for a little while

Living in the city can be overwhelming sometimes, so getting away for a day or even an afternoon, can do so much good! There are many hiking trails a little outside of the city to explore. Some botanical gardens are located around the city too to get your fill of nature.

7. Go out for a nice dinner or drink

Going out to dinner is always a fun thing to do! If you’re craving anything in particular like seafood, or crabs, go and satisfy it! If the weather allows it, go to a rooftop bar to enjoy the city skyline and nice temperature. There are also many beer gardens in the city where you can enjoy craft beer and sit on the patio. There are also many dog-friendly beer gardens where you and your pupper can sit together and enjoy each others company

8. Watch the game at a sports bar

Sports bars are always a fun place to watch your favorite team and sport with people who are rotting for the same team as you. Luckily, DC has many sports bars that you go to, have a drink, order a bite to eat, and watch the game you’ve been looking forward to all week. Plus during the weekend, if you drink a little too much, you have to next day to recover. Drink responsibly though!


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