Washington DC Will Light Up For COVID-19 Memorial Tonight

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Washington DC Will Light Up For COVID-19 Memorial Tonight

Washington DC and its surrounding communities will join tonight’s nation-wide tribute to COVID-19 victims.

will be lighting up tonight in honor of the American lives lost this past year to coronavirus. As part of their Inauguration ceremonies, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be speaking out from Lincoln Memorial in DC to honor the nearly 400,000 victims in a special ceremony that will see communities across the U.S. light up to memorialize them.

The Inaugural Committee invited cities and towns around the country earlier this week to light up their buildings and ring church bells on Tuesday, January 19, in a “national moment of unity and remembrance.”

In DC Biden and Harris will lead a special lighting up of the reflective pool and Lincoln Memorial. Other DC landmarks will also join the commemoration, including the National Cathedral which will project “400,000” on its stone façade and will toll its bells to memorialize all lives lost.

In Arlington County, officials have asked churches to ring their bells, houses of worship and businesses to light buildings to come together in a “powerful statement,” Arlington County Board Chair Matt de Ferranti told NBC Washington.


Americans across the country are being invited to participate from their own homes by lighting a candle in their window as a memorial to all U.S. victims of the pandemic.

The D.C. ceremony will also start at 5:30 p.m. and will be livestreamed online via the Inaugural Committee’s website for everyone interested in watching.

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