14 Best Responses To What’s One Thing You Wish You Had Known Before Moving To DC

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14 Best Responses To What’s One Thing You Wish You Had Known Before Moving To DC

We asked, and you guys responded!

In an attempt to further understand our followers and help anyone new in town, we begged the question: “What’s one thing you wish you had known before moving to DC?,” on Facebook and Instagram. And people gave some very inspiring, hilarious, and most definitely honest answers.

Check out our top picks below if you need a good laugh or want some genuine advice.

1. That the climate is tropical – rainforest feelin’

2. How expensive everything is

3. DC is good (museums and all the tourist attractions) but go explore MD/VA

4. That the two things everyone obsesses over are when the cherry blossoms will bloom and whether the pandas are pregnant


5. Do the touristy stuff. So many people live close by and see/do nothing uniquely DC

6. How bad the dating scene is

7. The worst beers on the menu are $10 plus tax, and don’t forget to tip during happy hour

8. That you can go see the pandas any day for free!

9. How to read parking signs

10. Buy a NARM or other museum membership. It lets you pay for an upgraded membership at one museum and you get member benefits at all its sister museums.

11. The humidity

12. Get a bicycle

13. It’s a great place to raise teenagers

14. Not to take a cab from Dulles to Cap Hill on my first day moving here haha

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