22 Insightful Pieces Of Advice Washingtonians Would Give You Before Moving To DC

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22 Insightful Pieces Of Advice Washingtonians Would Give You Before Moving To DC

Are you planning on moving to DC? This article is for you!

Our followers are mostly from Washington DC, and when asked, on our Facebook and Instagram, what advice would they give anyone moving to DC, and they came through with honest and helpful suggestions. Below are some of the best and most insightful answers.

1. Familiarize yourself with all the alternate routes you can take to go somewhere. That’ll save you many times from sitting in traffic jams

2. Entrance to Smithsonian museums is free. Fall festivals are free. So much to do for no too little cost. Embrace the historic walking trails. Free performances at the Kennedy Center. Just enjoy the city. It is wonderful.

3. Subscribe to all the newsletters! So many awesome events going on in DC in the theater scene, museums, etc. And sign up for accounts with discount sites like Goldstar and TodayTix for good deals on shows.

4. If you move to Georgetown any exterior change you want to make to your house must be reviewed by local historic preservation agencies.

5. Be prepared to live with rats but also some of the nicest, most considerate communities I’ve ever encountered. It cancels out the rats for me.

6. If the rent is dirt cheap it’s for a reason. Don’t go there…

7. It is a beautiful city. It is a lot safer than most think. Use common sense. It is great as you can walk to many places. There is so much to do. I would live there again any day.

8. Use public transit as much as possible.

9. Double check: 1. the need to adjust to the cost of living, 2. political alignment, 3.know that there’s more to visit outside DC, 4. willingness to wear masks, 5. support organizations, 6. understanding that traffic may be the part-time job

10. Consider living outside dc. Maryland and Virginia are very good options.

11. Invest in a smart trip card because the traffic is a biaatch


12. Don’t assume that everyone here is career-driven, explore the city and meet the actual locals who have lived experience here. Also don’t just hang out in the fancy neighborhoods, go to the dive bars and underground music shows

13. If you move into a black neighborhood due to gentrification understand the culture of the area and respect it

14. Most restaurants aren’t serving food past 9 these days, and bars and other fun stuff are closing early as well.

15. If you’re driving slower, move to the right. Traffic is bad in most locations between 6-9 and 3-6 pm.

16. Stay on the right side of the escalators if you aren’t walking up or down to the metro.

17. Get good antiperspirant & don’t worry about wearing makeup in the summer. The humidity is real!!!

18. There is a world outside the Beltway. Explore it.

19. Get ready to start every convo by answering what you do for a living.

20. Budget budget budgettttt! and explore as much as you can, your favorite coffee shop could be just around the corner!

21. Don’t waste the money, move outside the city.

22. Open your heart and mind. This is The Nation’s Capital and DC is a microcosm of our nation’s joys, sadness, successes & strifes. There’s a lot of folks working hard to make the world a better place and a few others who want to scorch the earth. Every single culture and ethnicity is here and it’s what makes DC so beautiful. Try different foods you’ve never had before. Be patient with the human learning to speak English at age 58 who works 3 jobs to support their family. Be kind and generous. Plan your destination when driving and don’t let the aggressive drivers trigger you. Vote. Keep your head on a swivel. Drink water, breath, and listen to Go-Go.

23. Explore all the free things to do!


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