The Beautiful Spring Cherry Blossoms Will Likely Reach Peak Bloom Early In April

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The Beautiful Spring Cherry Blossoms Will Likely Reach Peak Bloom Early In April

It’s official! Our beautiful cherry blossoms will reach peak bloom early in April, the NPS says.

The days of snowstorms and a frosty-looking capital are now far behind us, and Spring is clearly on its way now that the NPS has its peak bloom prediction for Cherry Blossom season. So cue the drum roll, because cherry blossom peak bloom is April 2 to April 5!

That’s right, looks like Washingtonians will be able to enjoy the stunning, fluffy hoards of pink trees early next month according to the NPS. Peak bloom is defined as the day when 70% of the Yoshino Cherry blossoms are open and it can vary annually depending on weather conditions. Last year, the blossoms hit peak bloom in late March, earlier than originally predicted due to the warm temperatures. 

If the NPS predictions hold true, then this year’s peak bloom would fall right in the middle of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. However, this year, blossom lovers and enthusiasts will most likely have to enjoy all the festivities and blossom tree watching virtually. This year’s festival was officially canceled earlier last year, but there will still be plenty going on online including a virtual pet parade on April 3 and a virtual 10-mile run.

For those looking to go cherry blossom watching, the NPS is yet to announce restrictions and CDC guidelines for those wishing to visit the trees around the Tidal Basin. They will also be relaunching their popular Bloomcam, which will let cherry blossom aficionados watch the trees from the comfort of their homes and avoid crowding around the Basin.

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