Grab Boozy Pumpkin Spice Cocktails At This Totally Groovy Patio In Shaw • Electric Cool-Aid

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Electric Cool-Aid Pumpkin Spice Slushies

Pumpkin Spice Slushies, Honey Bear & Gin cocktails…Electric Cool-Aid’s cocktails are the bee’s knees!

Grabbing frozen cocktails in an open-air patio while the temperatures keep dropping might not sound very appealing. But hear us out. There are at least three reasons why you should visit Electric Cool-Aid right now, and yes those include outdoor heaters too.

First, like you’ve probably already guessed, there are the boozy pumpkin spice slushies. Electric Cool-Aid specializes in upscale frozen drinks, none of those mass concoctions made by the gallon. Their frozen drinks menu rotates on a seasonal basis and features all kinds of fancy frozen cocktails.

With us being in prime PSL season how could we not enjoy a boozy version of it! The bar’s Han Solo Season ($11) features pumpkin spice and Old Overholt Rye that put the basic PSL to shame. Oh and did we mention you can kick it up a notch by adding an extra shot of the alcohol of your choice?

 Looking for some none pumpkin spice options? We got you. The bar has plenty more non-pumpkin fall options like the Bee’s Freeze ($12) featuring Barr Hill gin (distilled with honey), lemon and honey served in an incredibly cute honey bear jar. Their Fall Apple Mule ($11)  is another great option for the autumn season featuring Electric Cool-Aid’s classic ginger-lime base with Absolut apple.

Second, if we still haven’t convinced you to try Electric Cool-Aid’s fall-tastic frozen drinks then you should know the bar also has some warm winter cocktails. At the moment, their serving two kinds of winter drinks including the classic hot toddy ($9) with lemon, honey, spices and the liquor of your choice and a Mexican Barrel-aged Old Fashioned ($12) with High West Double Rye, dark agave syrup, orange and mole bitters, house aged in a charred oak barrel. And for an additional $3 you can order them along with your own mini pumpkin and paint sticks for a totally fun pumpkin painting session ($15)!


There’s also the rotating slew of mouthwatering food options brought to you by a whole host of local food trucks! From scrumptious tacos to Astro Donut’s square dounuts and fried chicken sandwiches, you’ll find all kinds of delectable dishes to pair your frozen drinks to and warm you right up if you were still iffy about grabbing frozen drinks in the cold!

And last but not least, Electric Cool-Aid’s psychedelic and groovy vibes make it a totally awesome spot to grab drinks with your friends. Just grab your pumpkin spice slushie, some hearty snacks and enjoy the awesome ambiance and music!

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[Featured image: Instagram / @electric_cool_aid]

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