A Dazzling Christmas Village Is Coming Back To DC This November

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A Dazzling Christmas Village Is Coming Back To DC This November

This immersive Christmas-themed experience will get you in the holiday spirit like never before!

The most festive and magical Christmas village is returning to DC for another year! Reopening November 26, the Nationals Park will be transformed into an immersive Christmas winter wonderland where everything is lit up in twinkly light.. no really, everything!

Photo: Enchant Magic

Enchant is most renowned for its Light Maze, completely lit up with Christmas lights, that takes you through an enchanted forest of Christmas magic. An ice skating trail that glows among the many lit installations, is an absolute must when visiting this village. Additionally, a market will be open for you to do some shopping as well as little eateries to grab a festive snack or a warm drink. In the center of the park, of course, there will be a huge golden Christmas tree that is lit up from top to bottom, illuminating the whole park in a golden glow.

Photo: Enchant Magic

The wonders of Enchant started in 2008 when two best friends, Kevin Johnston and Cam Walker, from Vancouver BC, wished to spread the Christmas spirit by installing Christmas lights around their neighborhood. After being so successful they refined their business and set out to more elaborate projects. Little by little, Kevin and Cam’s business grew and developed into making light mazes. They expanded and evolved their ideas, creating the magical Enchant experience that we know and love today.

Photo: Enchant Magic

Experience the Nationals Park like you have never before with the jolliest art installations completely covered in Christmas lights all over the park. Indeed, this is going to be a must-visit this holiday season! Enchant Christmas will be open to visitors from November 26 to January 2. Tickets for this festive wonderland go on sale this September!



[Featured image: Enchant Magic]

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