This Family’s Lockdown Adaptation of Les Mis Sums Up Our Quarantine In A Song

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This Family’s Lockdown Adaptation of Les Mis Sums Up Our Quarantine In A Song

One day more, another day, another excellent bit of lockdown entertainment!

“I can’t get online delivery till September,” “I’m bored of being with you,” “Do I change my underwear?” These are all problems that will resonate with anyone of us at this point during the quarantine. The solution? Just sing it out, like this British family from Kent. The Marshes recently released their own lockdown adaptation of Les Mis’ “One Day More” and honestly we couldn’t relate more!

The family cleverly rewrote the lyrics to this Broadway classic to voice all their quarantine-related frustrations, most of which we can all relate to like plain boredom, grandparents who have no idea how to work skype, homeschooling, young kids running amuck and blowing away all of our phone data, among many other tiresome preoccupations.  The result is a simply brilliant quarantine production of Les Mis that will have you belting its hilarious lyrics all day long.

The Marshes only practiced a couple of times before filming the now viral video and quite frankly they’re born naturals! Mom Danielle and dad Ben have excellent singing voices no doubt but their kids’ commitment and energy just give us a performance for the books! The way their younger boy conveys the joy of having your pizza finally delivered to you really got to me, ngl.


The video took only two takes to film and includes a bit of family squabbling something that’s also probably familiar for most of us at this point, especially for those parents with young kids something the Marshes are very aware of. ” Decided to include a bit of the intro so that you can see what kind of madness Danielle Marsh and I would be dealing with if we didn’t occupy them with music-making,” said Ben Marsh on Facebook.

The family never expected this bit meant only for the comic relief of their loved ones to become so viral. But we’re oh so glad it did because we just got the perfect soundtrack to our quarantine and may or may not be now considering releasing our sequel to the Marshes’ quarantine musical!

Feature image: Ben Marsh, Facebook

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