This Hiking Trail At Shenandoah National Park Will Lead You To 6 Stunning Waterfalls

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Whiteoak Canyon Trail Shenandoah

In this case, you should go chasing waterfalls.

It’s summer and it’s scorching outside so what’s better than going on out on a hike in the search of not one but six wondrous waterfalls in which to cool off? The Whiteoak Canyon trail at Shenandoah National Park is the perfect trail to hop on this summer with its whopping six waterfalls, which are the perfect swimming spot!

The trail measures 9 miles and is peppered with six stunning waterfalls ranging from 35 to 86 feet and many smaller cascades. Luckily for us, the waterfalls are spread out along the trail so you don’t have to do the whole trail in one sitting to get to them.

Whether you’re feeling highly active and adventurous or you’d rather take it easy on the hike, there’s plenty of trails for you to choose from. The easiest part of the trail is the hike from the Lower Falls to the boundary. The 2-mile long hike will take you along a stream towards a 60-foot tall waterfall.

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can try your hand at hiking the full Whiteoak – Cedar run circuit. The loop is 7.3 miles long and takes you through all six Whiteoak waterfalls plus two smaller ones at Cedar Run.


An added plus? If you head down the Whiteoak trail you’ll also get to enjoy the stunning views of Blue Ridge Mountain.

Whiteoak Canyon trail is one of the most popular hiking trails at Shenandoah National Park and tends to get a bit busier during the summer, but the stunning trail of waterfalls is an unmissable hike for all fans of the outdoors.

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