6 Breathtaking Places To Watch The Sunset In DC

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6 Breathtaking Places To Watch The Sunset In DC

Enjoy this vibrant spectacle and discover DC at the same time

Sunsets are a beautiful phenomenon that can be observed on a clear evening, at a certain time, and looking towards the West. However, sunsets do not last long and punctuality is key as not to miss the stunning colors. Make sure to check the time of the sunset here. Below are some charming places around the city where the sunset can be admired.

1. At Lincoln Memorial

Sitting on the marble steps of the Lincoln Memorial, you will discover why it’s called the Reflecting Pool, because you will see the sunset in the sky, as well as on the water.

2. At the Tidal Basin

Looking towards the Jefferson Memorial from the Tidal Basin, you will have a perfect view of this magical spectacle.

3. At the Washington Monument

Across the Lincoln Memorial, the sunset can also be observed from one of the capital’s most famous monuments. Indeed, many pictures of the sunset have been taken here, demonstrating the sky’s, and the Washington Monument’s beauty.

4. From any rooftop

At a certain height beyond the tall buildings and at an exact time, the sunset will be able to be seen towards the West. Discover wonderful rooftop restaurants in this article.


5. From at the Titanic Memorial

From this memorial, you will witness the beautiful colors from across the Washington Channel. After the sun sets, have dinner at one of these lovely waterfront restaurants.

6. At East Potomac Park

This peninsula park surrounded by the Washington Chanel and the Potomac River is another incredible place to enjoy Golden Hour in nature with the city nearby.


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