This Maryland Winery Has A Very Special Employee Delivering Its Curbside Orders • Stone House Urban Winery

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This Maryland Winery Has A Very Special Employee Delivering Its Curbside Orders • Stone House Urban Winery

Soda Pup practices social distancing and makes contactless deliveries of wine to Stone House’s customers.

At Stone House Urban Winery in Hagerstown, MD they’ve had to close their doors to the public but to cope with the ongoing pandemic they’ve hired a rather special employee to help with curbside pickups.  Soda Pup, winery owner Lori Yata’s springer boxer, has been delivering all the store’s orders to those customers going to pick up their reds and whites.

The 11-year-old doggo is helping keep the store afloat by chipping in and helping with curbside deliveries. Something he really seems to enjoy! “Yes mom, I’m working very hard to bring in some business. Actually, I really miss all my friends that would come in to see me. Okay, I’ll let them know that we are open from 2:00 – 6:00 PM. Wednesday through Sunday. I’ll remind them that I’ll deliver their wine for a small treat as well. Heck, I’ll provide the treat,” posted the winery on Facebook with the cutest picture of Soda and his backpack

Complying with the guidelines of social distancing Soda Pup delivers the bottles without any human contact and also gets plenty of breaks. He carries the bottles in a handy dandy little backpack Yata got for him alongside with a treat for the customers to give him after they get their order.  So cute and clever!!


The CDC has previously pointed out that animals are at very low risk of carrying the virus, so Soda Pup’s help actually provides a safer way of delivery involving no human contact. But not only is he keeping humans safe he also brings incredible joy to Stone House’ customers, something that its very much appreciated during the strange and crazy times we’re living. Keep up the good work and keep lifting those spirits up Soda!

Feature image: Stone House Urban Winery, Facebook

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