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71 Incredible Things To Do In DC This January

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz

71 Incredible Things To Do In DC This January

The new year is finally here!

Goodbye and good riddance 2020! The new and awaited year has finally arrived and its time to set some new goals for 2021, like having more fun in the District. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most amazing and fun things to do in Washington DC this January. Start with the right foot and check these out!

1. Enjoy everything the DC Restaurant scene has to offer with Winter Restaurant Week

Winter Restaurant Week is coming back on Monday, January 18! This year, the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington is kicking things up a notch with a new and updated version of Restaurant Week. This year’s promotion will last two weeks so you can have even more time to enjoy all Restaurant week has to offer, including to-go meals with optional wine and cocktail pairings.

2. Try out some mouthwatering Guatemalan street-style hot dogs

Nim Ali

Ran by Chefs Karla Alonzo and her wife Rosario Guzman, Nim Ali’s the first to sell Guatemalan street food in the DC area, and oh how glad are we that they’ve decided to do so. Traditional Guatemalan hotdogs, known as Shukos, come in delightfully toasted buns loaded with meat (sausage or chorizo), guacamole, ketchup, mayo and mustard but at Nim Ali, they’re taking them to a load new level. While there is an original Shuko on offer at Nim Ali, it’s their meat-loaded Chingón Shuko that’s getting all the attention.

3. Take a stroll through one of DC’s hidden gems


Somewhere in between Woodland Park and Cleveland Park lie 20 acres of secret gardens, meadows and ponds known as the Tregaron Conservancy. The estate, which has been around for more than a century, was once home to the DC elite. Now it’s a spectacular hidden spot in which to break away from DC life without even leaving the city!

4. Give target practice your best shot

Kick-Axe Throwing in Ivy City is a total lumberjack heaven offering its visitors the opportunity to eat, drink and, while at it, hurl some axes around in a lodge-like setting.  If you’ve never been axe throwing, you need not fret. All hatchet hurling sessions at Kick Axe start with a 10-15 minute lesson with one of their “axeperts” who will teach you the basics and stay with you to help and keep score during your time in the range.

5. Enjoy a hot mixology experience at home

Enter a world of tipsy temptation at the Speakeasy On Demand and indulge yourself while Madame Lulu and her terrific troupe lead you through a night full of tantalizing cocktails and fabulous performances by some of the top cirque, burlesque and theatrical performers in the world!

6. Indulge your sweet tooth with some of the best cookies in the District

Levain Bakery Georgetown

Levain first opened in the Upper West Side back in 1995 as a bread-focused bakery, but soon it became known by its giant, ooey-gooey cookies. And judging by the looks of them there’s no doubt as to why. These giant roundels are crispy on the outside and perfectly soft and gooey on the inside– just heavenly!

7. Warm up with a hearty bowl of ramen

santouka dc

What better way to warm up for the winter than with a creamy, hot bowl of Ramen?  At Santouka, their world-famous ramen is built with extra wavy noodles, standard toppings like butter-soft pork belly, ear mushrooms, scallions and an uber-creamy tonkotsu broth made by simmering pork bones for 20 hours. The secret? These are made following the ramen shop’s original recipes and techniques by Santouka’s chefs who have been specially trained in their Japanese restaurants. Patrons can choose from a wide range of options all the way from shouyu (soy sauce) and miso to spicy chilli. For an extra cost, you can also add in extra pork, butter, sweet corn and, our particular favorite, soft-boiled aji-tama eggs. Yum!


8. Sign up to see the National Cathedral’s magical new exhibit

Created by German artist Michael Pendry, Le Colombes features over 1,000 origami doves, delicately arranged to float over the nave. Symbolizing hope and the Holy Spirit, Pendry’s installation has been brought to the National Cathedral in the hopes of bringing a feeling of optimism for 2021 after a challenging year.

9. Learn a new recipe or two

The popular Pear Plum Café in Mt. Pleasant may have closed its doors, but an equally appetizing option has opened in its stead. Bold Fork Books, DC’s only bookstore entirely dedicated to the culinary arts, has taken up the torch of providing locals with some of the best-baked goods in town, albeit in the shape of recipes.

10-20. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa

Based on the weather this past couple of weeks, it’s pretty obvious we’re officially in hot chocolate season. This tasty, chocolatey cup of absolute goodness is key to keeping warm during the cold DC winters and even boosting one’s intelligence! So because we cannot go through winter without this wonderful elixir, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite DC spots to grab a cup of hot chocolate.

21-39. Visit one of DC’s awesome museums without even leaving your couch

All of DC’s museums may be closed for the time being but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy everything they have to offer. From the National Air & Space Museum to Planet Word,  these 18 DC museums offer virtual tours of their collections so you can discover the world without taking your PJs off!

40-56. Catch up on the best TV shows from 2020

Whether it was listening to music, eating, or participating in outdoor activities — we all found our vice this year. Ours here at the Secret Media Network? Watching TV shows. We’ve asked all the editors of the various cities that make up the Secret Media to tell us their favorite series to come out from this unusual year. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus, but there are some very good recommendations — here are some of the ones we’re obsessed with.

57-71. Check out DC’s coolest outdoor dining setups
Hook Hall Viking Village DC

Winter has arrived to the District and with outdoor dining being the best option for a safe, socially distant night out, DC’s restaurants have gone all out when winterizing their outdoor spaces for the pandemic! From igloos to Viking huts and ski lodges, here are some of the best and most interesting options for dining out safely in DC this winter!

[Featured image: Unsplash]