30 Ways To Annoy A Washingtonian In 5 Words Or Less

Lauren Piot Lauren Piot

30 Ways To Annoy A Washingtonian In 5 Words Or Less

“Which state is DC in?” “395 rush hour”

When you’ve been in DC for a long time, you know the city pretty much like the back of your hand. This also means that some things that happen are extremely annoying but that people from outside the city may not understand why they are so obnoxious. We asked our trusty Facebook and Instagram followers what annoys a Washingtonian in five words or less, and they did not hold back!

1. I’m from DC…well…Arlington

2. “So what do you do?”

3. DC Metro experiencing indefinite delays

4. Meet me in Clarendon.

5. Northern Virginia is practically DC

6. “I’m a Cowboys fan”

7. “It’s National landing”

8. DC is all about Politics

9. Mumbo sauce sucks!

10. Standing left; suitcase on right

11. Which state is DC in?

12. Virginia isn’t that far

13. Red line single tracking

14. Ronald Reagan National Airport

15. 395 rush hour

16. One-way street, no left turn

17. You don’t need to vote

18. Mumbo sauce is from Chicago.

19. I drive the speed limit.


20. DMV…no.. just DC

21. 85 degrees isn’t that hot

22. Tourists on scooters and segways.

23. Have you met the President?

24. “Service disruption for Red Line”

25. You don’t pay taxes, right?

26. Stand still on the left

27. The Washington Capitals suck.

28. That’s close to Baltimore, right?

29. Can you pick me up at Dulles.

30. Go-go is annoying


[Featured image: @eye.m.k.eye / Instagram]

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