51 Of The Best Responses To “Tell Me You’re From DC Without Telling Me You’re From DC”

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51 Of The Best Responses To “Tell Me You’re From DC Without Telling Me You’re From DC”

Some things, only long-term DC residence will understand. How many of these will you relate to?

DC is a whole world in itself. From never wanting to go to Virginia, to loving Mumbo sauce way too much, there are just some things that people living in DC will truly understand. We wanted to know exactly what those things are, so we asked our readers the question… and boy, did they deliver. Without further ado, here are our Instagram and Facebook followers’ best responses to “Tell me you’re from DC without telling me you’re from DC”:

1.“I’m going to be late. I got stopped by the motorcade.”

2. Goes to another city: “Ya’ll gotta pay for museums?”

3. Growing up on Gogo and Mumbo sauce

4. That “I know more/everything on this issue and I am right” attitude because I worked on the White House/Hill/someone’s campaign

5. I haven’t dated anyone in the public sector

6. Meeting anyone for the first time: “So, where do you work?”

7. I tell everyone I’m “from DC” when in reality I’m from the Maryland suburbs

8. The fact that you call it DC and not Washington

9. You know the order by heart; 4 wings fried hard with mumbo sauce and put mumbo sauce on the fries too

10. Stand on the right, walk on the left!

11. “Wanna go to Ben’s Chili Bowl for a half-smoke?”

13. Driving everywhere because the metro takes too long

14. Pothole… Another pothole… Oh well, look at that another pothole

15. Constantly listening to Go-Go

16. Redline being delayed… again

17. “So what do you do for work?” “Who do you work for?”

18. My rent is half my take home

19. Anything outside the DC bounds is far

20. 2 inches of snow and pretty much everyone is working from home

21. “I’m not going to Arlington”

22. I’m a mainland U.S. citizen and have no vote in the Senate

23. “I work for an NGO”

24. “I work for the government”

25. It’s not “THE” 495, just 495

26. Can’t throw a rock without hitting a lawyer in this town


27. When ur monthly parking pass in Georgetown costs just about the same as a parking ticket

28. Ugh, MD drivers…

29. The escalators are not working at DuPont metro… again

30. I read all the 15 signs before I parked on the street and still got a ticket

40. “Taxation without representation”

41. I dread cherry blossom season, I mean tourist season.

42. At least one of your friends is in government contracting

43. Dang, didn’t see that speed camera over there. O well

44. Receiving a LinkedIn request as soon as the date ends

45. I live in Chevy Chase… but it’s DC you know…

46. 2000 people on the red line at rush hour Monday morning. Everyone looks tired, no one is talking to each other

47. Chuck Brown is the Michael Jackson of the DMV

48. Put mumbo sauce on everything… chicken, cereal, fruit

49. When drivers don’t floor it when the light immediately hits green —honk honk!

50. Mumbo sauce on everything

51. DMV is District, Maryland, Virginia, but also Department of Motor Vehicles

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