10 Stunning Spots In Which To Admire The Cherry Blossoms This Season

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Now that peak bloom’s been announced by the NPS we’re officially in Cherry Blossom Season!!

Peak bloom is set to take place April 1 through April 4 according to NPS officials, which means we’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful pink hues of the sakura any second now. Once the cherry blossoms flower,  head over to some of the spots listed below and enjoy our capital in full bloom. But hurry up, because the trees will be in bloom for about a week!

1. The National Mall

Whether you choose to take a walk or wander around on your bike, there are several spots along the Mall in which you can admire the gorgeous blossoms. Including some of the ones below. Just make sure to stop along the way to capture the trees in different lights and get the perfect shot of DC’s cherry blossoms.

2. Tidal Basin

You can take a turn around the Tidal Basin beneath the beautiful blooms or you can always go on one of the paddle boats for a unique perspective of the sakura trees.

3. Jefferson Memorial

If you rather rest up and relax, why not sit on the steps of Jefferson Memorial to admire the Basin’s sakura from afar?

4. Martin Luther King Memorial

 While at the Mall, you can also head on over to the Martin Luther King Memorial which is usually surrounded by pretty blooms during spring.

5. The Japanese Lantern

 This historical, 17th-century lantern was a gift from the governor of Tokyo, to the people of the United States, and was dedicated on March 30, 1954. It is lit up each year by the Cherry Blossom Princess to signify the start of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

6. From a boat on the Potomac River

If you’re not feeling like walking or biking or just want to see the blossoms from a whole different perspective, why not take a boat cruise along the Potomac? The Potomac River company offers several different river cruises in which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and its monuments dressed pretty in pink.

7. Hains Point Loop trail


Hains Point trail is especially beautiful during the blossom season. Grab a bike and take a turn among the cherry trees for ample photo-ops. The loop is usually less crowded than the basin so you’ll be able to enjoy all of its 10 cherry blossom types like nowhere else in the metropolitan area.

8. Dumbarton Oaks

At the historic estate of Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown, there’s cherry blossoms galore. Visit its extensive gardens to get your fill of cherry blossom insta shots. We suggest visiting Dumbarton’s Cherry Hill. Set at the bottom of the garden it is home to three different species of cherry trees, a truly gorgeous sight during blossom season.

9. Congressional Cemetery

This historical cemetery on the banks of the Anacostia River is lined with beautiful cherry trees. If you’re looking for a quieter and slightly different spot to gawk at the gorgeous blossoming trees, then the congressional cemetery is the spot for you!

10. The U.S. Arboretum

This stunning park is perfect for visiting all year round, but it looks extra gorgeous during spring thanks to its cherry blossom trees. Plus, the Arboretum’s sakura trees tend to hit peak bloom at a different time than the Tidal Basin ones, so it’s a great alternative and less crowded place to catch the blossoms.

11. The Bloomcam

This one’s a great alternative if you rather avoid the crowds altogether. The Trust for the National Mall and National Park Service launched the Bloomcam earlier in 2020 just as we were heading into lockdown. Thanks to the 24/7 live cam you’ll be able to enjoy the over 3,000 sakura trees in and around the Tidal Basin from home and just in time for peak bloom! The live feed changes view every 5 minutes so we can enjoy the beautiful sakura trees from all angles as they bade the Basin in a stunning sea of white and pink.

Feature image: Instagram/ @cherryblossomwatch

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