These Are The Top 14 Most Romantic Spots In The City According To Washingtonians

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These Are The Top 14 Most Romantic Spots In The City According To Washingtonians

Love is in the air…

It’s February and the most romantic day of the year is swiftly approaching. Everywhere you go there’s romance in the air, but what are the most appropriate places to go to in DC if you want to bask in the spirit of the season?

Whether you’re spending this Valentine’s Day alone, with friends or your significant other,  we wanted to share with you our favorite DC for a little bit of romance! So we asked our Instagram users to share with us their favorite romantic spots around the city for a bit more of inspiration.

Regardless of your dating status, these are perfect for going on unique dates, daydreaming of chance encounters with your star-crossed lover or drinking a whole bottle of wine by yourself while you stare at other happy couples. Check them out!

First, here are your favorite places, according to our IG poll!

1. The National Mall

Head out on a stroll with your date to admire DC’s most famous memorials and monuments as you take in the beauty of our National Mall! You can never go wrong with this one!

2. Haines Point

The cherry blossoms might not be in bloom in time for Valentine’s but the Haines Point loop trail is totally romantic all year round!

3. The Reflecting Pool

Just imagine sitting on the steps of Lincoln Memorial while watching the sun set over the Reflecting Pool, can you get any more romantic?

4. Residents Bar

The charming Dupont Circle spot is perfect for cuddling up with your date and enjoy some excellent crafted cocktails. It has a totally chic yet relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a lowkey date!

5. Bar Charley

Drinks at a patio covered in dim, twinkling lights never fail to stir up romance!

6. Holy Rood Cemetery

Perhaps not the most orthodox date site…but it does have some pretty amazing views!

8. Any rooftop (with a bottle of champagne and pizza)

An IG user after our own hearts! City views, a glass of bubbly, and a slice of ‘za?! Yes, please!

We’ve also got some favorite rooftops, you can check them out here.


8. The Cardozo HS parking lot overlook

The place also has some pretty impressive views of the city! How about we add it to the list of places for number 8?

And now here are ours!

9. More romantic restaurants!

Let’s face it… food is always the way to our heart. Here are some of our favorite ones!

10. The Tidal Basin

We’ve got the National Mall and the Reflecting Pool on the list and of course we couldn’t forget our beloved Tidal Basin! Check out the nearby memorials or sit down on the steps to admire the landscape for some quality time with your S.O. Plus the Basin is looking extra pretty in the cold this winter!

11. Rock Creek Park

One for the nature lovers. Rock Creek Park’s stunning trails, streams and historic sites are perfect for going on a romantic walk and getting to know your date better!

12. Georgetown

Gorgeous views of the Potomac and the DC skyline, buildings steeped in history and killer rooftop bars with igloos — what else could you want?

13. Tregaron Estate

Also great for going on a romantic walk outdoors! Tregaron Estate is one of the District’s best-kept secrets, so it’s bound to be quieter than other parks in the area!

14. The U.S. Arboretum

Another great option for nature lovers! Frolick through the Arboretum and discover its 446-acre  brimming with gardens, cherry blossom trees and of course the original columns of the U.S. Capitol!

15. Any DC museum!

The National Gallery of Art, the Phillips Collection, the National Air and Space Museum — You name it! DC’s got plenty of museums that you can explore with your cutie for a totally fun date. Pick one and dive in!

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[Featured image: Instagram / @plansornoplans]


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