11 Awesome Things To Do In DC This September

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11 Awesome Things To Do In DC This September

How is it September already?!

Summer flew by didn’t it! Now it’s getting refocused on going back to work and school. Around the city, there are still a lot of things to do now that summer is calming down and fall is approaching. Below is a list of eleven activities and opportunities to do around the city this month!

1. Watch a dazzling candlelit concert that celebrates legendary musicians

The candlelight series has been a marvelous success all around the world and is now coming to DC. A concert lit by candlelight honoring music from Bach to the Beatles played by a talented string quartet will be performing classical and contemporary pieces. A jazz tribute to Duke Ellington will be performed at City Winery DC for an enchanting night under the soft glow of candlelight, as jazz renditions fill the air. In the intimate ambiance of the beautiful Naval Lodge bathed in candlelight, a string quartet will play iconic songs from magical movies, like The Circle of Life from The Lion King, You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story, A Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast and so much more! Finally, this candlelight concert celebrates music by the iconic group Queen. Their rock n roll song will be renditioned by a classical string quartet who will perform their most iconic songs while lit up by the hundreds of candles. Tickets for all these concerts are on sale now! You can purchase them here.


2. Experience Van Gogh’s art as you have never before and buy your tickets now!

The Van Gogh: Immersive Experience is coming to Philly this September in an incredible venue! The Rhode Island Center is one of DC’s up-and-coming neighborhoods that provides an enchanting space to experience art in a unique way! You will be immersed, thanks to advanced technology and whimsical music, inside all of Van Gogh’s lively impressionist masterpieces. Buy your ticket today here!


3. Rediscover your fashion sense at this fashion funhouse

Inside The Wardrobe is a fashion experience that strives to encourage people to rediscover their love for dressing up and fashion after a year of being in lockdown and wearing exclusively sweatpants. This gorgeous art installation offers artistic and unique photo ops for visitors to take pictures and feel good about themselves! Indeed, expressing ourselves through fashion is a way to showcase who we are to the world. By using clothes and jewelry, we give a sneak peek of our creativity, passions, and mind to the people around us. Tickets to this fashion funhouse are on sale now!


4. Participate in the National Harbor Wine and Food Festival

On September 25, an exceptional culinary event is coming to the National Harbor. Sip on wine, beer, spirits and eat delicious food from food trucks on the waterfront. This event brings together world-renowned chefs, artisanal craftsmen, and culinary pioneers with thousands of Metro DC’s foodies. You’ll be able to taste from over 100 different international and local wines, craft beers, and craft spirits in an all-you-care-to-taste affair. Can a festival get any better than this? Buy your ticket today and save the date for this awesome foodie festival!


5. Join DC’s Festival of Magic

From  September 3rd to the 5th, experience a weekend full of magic and mystery at this uniquely enchanting festival. Magicians from all over the country will be gathered in DC to tease and trick you with their magical skills. This family-friendly event will mystify you and make you laugh until you topple over. With a line-up of great performers, come down and prepare to be amazed by the tricks that these magicians can pull. Do you believe in magic? Come to the DC Festival of Magic and experience it all for yourself. Buy your tickets here!


6. Enjoy bottomless mimos every Monday

Is there a way to make Mondays exciting this September? Seems almost impossible, right? Well, HalfSmoke has come up with the ideal remedy; Bottomless Mimosas every Monday! Who says brunch has to exclusively be for the weekend, enjoy brunch on Mondays to start off the week on a good note. Halfsmoke is offering a special brunch menu every Monday with bottomless mimosas so that the weekend doesn’t have to end on Sundays. Reserve and purchase your ticket for brunch and bottomless mimosas here!



7. Go on a Mystery Picnic Date: Self-Guided Foodie Adventure

This fall, take your significant other or best friend on a super romantic mystery picnic date! When you purchase your ticket, you will receive an all-inclusive mystery picnic for two people made with a spread from local artisan producers including your traditional picnic foods (such as cheese, meats, fruits, crackers, etc), interactive clues and riddles on your smartphone that’ll bring you to your basket and special picnic location. Elevate your date night with this cute and adventurous picnic idea! Buy your mystery picnic here!

8. Take the metro and bus to get around

With all these fun activities to get to, taking the car can sometimes be cumbersome. Taking the metro or bus are better options sometimes, plus many improvements are being implemented like more trains and buses will be running, the metro will be open until 1 a.m., one hour more than before, and earlier on Sundays opening at 7 a.m. Plus on the weekends, fares will be “just $2 for a one-way trip anywhere on the rail system.”


9. Have a drink with your four-legged best friend at these dog-friendly beer gardens

All are welcome at these beer gardens in DC, even furry friends. Their outdoor seating area at these pubs is perfect for you and your pupper to enjoy a break after a long walk. Many of these places serve special treats for your doggo like peanut butter snacks, pupperccinos, and even dog-friendly beer. With the cooling weather of September, having a drink on a patio with your four-legged best friend will make an awesome afternoon!


10. Visit a cat cafe

If you’re more of a cat person, DC’s first-ever cat cafe recently opened! Crumbs & Whiskers is not only a place where you can enjoy coffee, pastries, and petting cats, it’s also a shelter where all the cats are up for adoption. So, visit Crumbs & Whiskers and come for a coffee then leave with a new companion!

Where: 3109 M St. NW, Washington DC, 20007


11. Watch the game at a sports bar with fans supporting the same team as you

With the fall season approaching it means football season is back and baseball is continuing! It is such a good feeling to walk into a sports bar and see other fans supporting the same team as you. Rallying and cheering together as your team scores a touchdown at a sports bar is a lot of fun. Go to one of the many bars on game day and watch the tense game with other enthusiastic fans just like you!


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