Powerful Winter Storm Could Hit DC With Heavy Snow Tomorrow

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Powerful Winter Storm Could Hit DC With Heavy Snow Tomorrow

Looks like the first snow of winter is on its way!

Pull out your wooly hats and snow boots Washingtonians, it looks like we’re in for a heavy snowstorm! Yes, it may be looking bright and shiny out today but the freezing temperatures are bringing in the first winter storm on Wednesday, December 16, just a week before Christmas.

The NWS issued a Winter Storm Advisory earlier on Tuesday warning of heavy snow. According to their forecast for Wednesday, the District could see between 3-6 inches of snow all throughout the day and into the night. “We are most confident of heavier snow,” reads the NWS’s post.

The Winter Storm Watch is set to be active from 7 a.m Wednesday through to 4 a.m. Thursday in counties including Frederick, Maryland, Loudoun and Carroll according to the NWS.

According to NBC4’s meteorologist Chuck Bell, how much snow you see in your neighborhood really depends on where the snow rain-line falls. However, the District seems to be right in the middle of the storm and is expected to see some heavy snow.

The first snowflakes will likely start falling with daybreak on Wednesday. What do you think, will we have a white Christmas this year?

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